Best Blogging Platforms 2019

Best Blogging Platforms:- Looking to start your own blog but cannot decide how to choose the best blogging platform? It is tough to choose fhere are several blogging platforms. How do you find out the best blogging platform.

In this article we will help you to choose the best blogging platform.

What is a Blogging Platform?

A blogging platform is a software or service that you use to publish your content on the Internet in the form of a blog. A blog is a specific form of a content management system. Blogging platforms are like Wix, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.


Wordpress has been in market since 2003 and is ever considered as the mist popular blogging platform that supports content management functions. The biggest advantage of WordPress is it is very easy to hse and has an and instictual interface that is convenient even go no savvy users.

Wordpress is a content management system that started as a simple blogging system but moved quite past towards a fully functional CMS system with the use of  thousands of plugins, widgets and themes. In order to become WordPress blogging system user, all you need is an email address, there you will get a address of your own.

On WordPress user can downloadand install the necessary software script and create blig/website in minutes. 

With WordPress, you can also manage all of your websites from any computer or handled device. Moreover, please no need of HTML editing FTP software WordPress is a self-contained and self maintaining system. With WordPress, design you choose for your website is 100% customisable the blogs are built and ready to go.

2nd:- Wix

Wix is a very popular best website development platform that serves over millions of users from all over the globe. With Wix, small business and individuals are given the tools and capacity to build beautiful and professional looking websites that do not hamper their creativity with coding expertise. Wix is a free service, but users can use to buy the Wix's premium plans.

Wix is one of the very few fully featured mobile optimised builders offers their services for free. User can get grasp on all basic by simply creating account transit painlessly any of their premium plans that also offer E-Commerce and shopping cart functionalities.

3rd:- Squarespace

Squarespace is a DIY website builder solution that allows user to create attractive and engaging websites. It offers an array of features, capabilities and easy to use tools ideal for SMB's and individuals looking to build an online presence through through personal blog or business website. The platform comes with extensive integration, wide customisation and several built in templates.

The platform provides easy navigation dynamic editing tool and previewer to make website fast and effortless. It offers even numerous elements user can use for the page such as images, charts and buttons etc. It is free to use with basic functions but can be unlocked by buying premium plans.

4th:- Weebly

Weebly is an online drag and drop website builder that lets user to create unique websites and online store. The platform os available for mobile devices that can be used to create and publish websites. Weebly offers integrations with over twenty third party apps that are useful for thw website, blogs or online store. You can also purchase your own domain from weebly or launch the website with the sibdomain provided by the company.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has been integrated deep into the system which makes it easier to get organic traffic from search engines. Weebly has tons of professional themes.

The best thing about Weebly is that it offers  third party integrations and marketing solutions under one hood. Users can create either blog, business website and online store or something like landing page.

Signing up is free and easy. User can sign up using Facebook, Gmail or Email address. 

5th:- Yola

Yola is an online website builder for small business and personal use. With Yola users can create websites in minutes instead of hours and publish on free subdomain or upgrade for a custom domain. Yola also enables to setup an online store but this feature os not available for free users. All content including images, videos and text is saved on Yola's server so that there is no web hosting maintenance problem.

Yola's focus is small business and it equips these business with an online builder that user can bring their business online. The company has developed one click publishing feature in the website builder that is very useful for retail business who have less budget for marketing.

Yola has huge library of templates some of which are quite traditional that conventional businesses can use to target non tech savvy users. The themes library has sample websites for a number of verticals like local business.

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